PR Tip of the Week: How Can PR Boost Your Business?

Public relations efforts can help boost businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding PR to your marketing mix.

1. PR builds buzz. A consistent PR program will help increase overall awareness and visibility of your brand, product or service. PR is often not a quick fix. It takes time, persistence and should be ongoing.

PR should not stand alone, however. Any PR initiative is typically more effective if combined with your other advertising, social media and email marketing efforts.

2. PR increases credibility. The third party endorsement a journalist provides by covering your company, product or service is certainly more credible than a traditional advertisement. And in most cases, consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on that third party endorsement than an advertisement.

3. PR allows you to tell your story. When you’re pitching an idea to the media, writing a blog post or communicating directly with customers, you are sharing YOUR brand story in YOUR own words. Remember, when telling your story, always refer to your key messages for clarity and consistency. If you don’t have key messages, write them now!